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Transfer Your Existing HSA

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Winning with an HSA – An overview of HSAs. How they work and why they are beneficial.
Your HSA Transfer – An overview of the HSA transfer process.
HSA Interest Rate Schedule – A snapshot of current HSA interest rates.
Invest your HSA dollars – An overview of available investment funds and instruction to get you started.
HSA Member Guide – A comprehensive overview of HSAs and HealthEquity.
The Complete HSA Guidebook – Everything you need to know about HSAs.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FSA: A simple way to save – An overview of FSAs. How they work and why they are beneficial.
Orthodontics Reimbursements – Our convenient process for submitting orthodontic claim reimbursements.
FSA Tax Savings Worksheet – Maximize your tax savings by choosing the optimal election amounts.

General Documents

Qualified Medical Expenses – An overview of qualified medical expenses.
About HealthEquity – How HealthEquity can empower you to win with health care.

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