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General Information

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01 PPACA White Paper.pdf
02 Bill Pay Overview.pdf
03 HSA Standard PowerPoint.pptx
04 HRA Standard PowerPoint.pptx
05 FSA Standard PowerPoint.pptx
Supporting Documents
06 Employer service fees.pdf
Additional Info
07. Employer Reports Sample.pdf

Health Savings Accounts

For Employers
01 Empower with HSAs.pdf
02 HSA implementation guide.pdf
03 Employee HSA Payroll Deduction Form.pdf
04 3 Ways to Contribute to Employees HSA.pdf
For Members
05 Winning with an HSA.pdf
06 HSA Investment Information.pdf
07 HSA Interest Rates.pdf
08 Transfer Your HSA.pdf
HSA member guide
Video Library
Member Portal Demo
   username: demo57
   password: demo
Employer Portal Demo
   username: demoemployer
   password: demo

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

For Employers
01 Reward with HRAs.pdf
02 HRA implementation guide.pdf
03 HRA plan summary.pdf
04 Plan A - HRA pays first.pdf
05 Plan A application.pdf
06 Plan B - Member pays first.pdf
07 Plan B application.pdf
08 Plan C - HRA with debit card.pdf
09 Plan C application.pdf
10 Autopay to provider.pdf
11 Autopay to member.pdf
12 Autopay with Rx debit card.pdf
13 Debit card.pdf
14 Self-directed claims.pdf
For Members
13 HRA Introduction.pdf
14 Orthodontics Claims.pdf
15 HRA Reimbursement Form.pdf
16 Orthodontia Reimbursement Form.pdf
Video Library
Member Portal Demo
   username: demo89
   password: demo
Employer Portal Demo
   username: demoemployer
   password: demo

Flexible Spending Accounts

For Employers
01 Integrated FSAs.pdf
02 FSA implementation guide.pdf
03 Employer EFT Setup Form.pdf
For Members
01 FSAs a simple way to save.pdf
02 FSA Tax Savings Worksheet.pdf
03 FSA Reimbursement Form.pdf
04 Orthodontics Claims.pdf
05 Orthodontia Reimbursement Form.pdf
06 Dependent Care Reimbursements.pdf
07 Dependent Care Reimburse Form.pdf
Video Library
Member Portal Demo
   username: demo89
   password: demo
Employer Portal Demo
   username: demoemployer
   password: demo
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