What is COBRA?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) requires that an employee covered by an employer-sponsored health plan be allowed to continue that health plan coverage after a qualifying event that otherwise ends the employee’s eligibility for coverage. The requirements for the employer and the maximum length of COBRA coverage change depending on the event that ended the employee’s eligibility for their employer sponsored plan.

COBRA services from HealthEquity

Work with HealthEquity for all of your account administration, invoicing, processing qualifying event notifications, COBRA terminations, and more. This allows you to simplify your benefits management by using HealthEquity as the provider for many of your benefit options including COBRA, health savings accounts (HSAs), 401(k)s, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and more.

Takeover from prior administrators

HealthEquity works diligently with the existing vendors on roles, responsibilities, and timeframes to ensure a smooth transition for participants.

Conversion activities include:
Data definition (coordinated with prior vendor), mapping, testing, cleanup and review

Key decisions:

  • When will notification of newly qualified participants begin?
  • When/how will current COBRA participants be notified?

For COBRA solutions:

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