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UberPool and 7 other popular ways to use commuter benefits

Discover how to turn your ride to work into amazing tax savings.

Commuter transit and parking accounts let you to use tax-free money to pay for eligible commuting expenses. Millions of people everyday use commuter benefits to save on their ride to work.

You can always view the latest IRS contribution limits at this page.

Here are 8 ways to save with your commuter benefits.

#1 UberPool

Although you can’t use your benefits for traditional Uber rides, you can use them for the UberPool option. UberPool is Uber’s spin on carpooling, where you share a ride with others traveling the same route. It’s an environmentally friendly way to get to work—plus you can make new friends too! Lyft has a pooling option as well called Lyft Shared.

#2 Daily or monthly parking

Use your commuter benefits to help offset the cost of those increasingly expensive parking spaces. Some estimates show monthly parking can top $500 a month.

#3 Train

No need to drive. In some metro regions, the train is a great option. Kick back and relax. Choo choo!

#4 Subway

You can take the train underground. Swipe at the turnstile and go.

#5 Ferry

Boats are awesome too. But, not if you get seasick.

#6 Bus

Who can deny the convenience of a bus? 660 million people ride the bus each year in New York City.

#7 Trolley

It’s like a train, except way more fun!

#8 Bicycle maintenance or repair

In some cases, you can use commuter benefits to pay for your bike repair or maintenance. But this is only available if your employer specifically approves it. So, be sure to review your benefits documents carefully.

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