Health and retirement account solutions for brokers

Easy setup

With over 120 well-established health plan partners in place and a flexible proprietary platform, we offer the convenience of effortless integration. Ongoing administration is a breeze with our broker portal that allows you to easily manage your groups' accounts online and access client-level reporting.

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World-class member experience

HealthEquity provides a leading health account experience where members benefit from 24-hour phone support, an easy-to-use account portal and the highest-rated HSA investment options. Our disciplined concentration on health accounts means that you can remain focused on what you do best—health benefits. Together, our mutual customers are happier and better empowered to save.

Helpful support for groups

Our Salt Lake City-based client support team provides friendly and knowledgeable service to groups while a robust employer portal allows them to conveniently manage accounts online. Again, our strategy is to offer a “no-noise” solution that allows you to remain focused on health benefits.

Seamless integration

Our flexible proprietary platform was designed to accommodate the various complex technologies used by health plans across the country. With over 2,300 ecosystem integrations completed, we offer a refined data integration process that is comprehensive yet easy-to-execute.

HealthEquity HSA balances after 5 years are 35% higher than the industry average based on the analysis of FY 2017 Network partner data vs Devenir 2016 year-end report average

Engaging communications

We offer comprehensive communication resources that use simple campaigns to progress members through their journey to achieve health savings. We offer every employer, regardless of size, a co-branded Learn website for free. These sites contain valuable tools such as videos, guides and even a custom plan comparison tool.

Download our guide that explores what to look for in an HSA provider. Topics include HSA investments, employee education and more!

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