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Transfer your hsa.
Double your interest.

Move at least $250 HSA dollars to HealthEquity and we’ll double your interest rate for 12 months (up to $25 total).

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Put all your hsa
funds in one place

At-a-glance spending and tracking

Reduced fees

Simple account management

HSA transfers are easy as 1-2-3


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Fill it out and send it back

Email is probably easiest. But feel free to snail mail or fax it.


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Make the smart move right now

After the HSA transfer is complete, you’ll start earning double interest on your full HSA balance right away.

Looking to rollover? HSA rollovers are more complicated than transfers. You’ll need to ask your HSA administrator to close your account, then they’ll send you the remaining balance. From that point, you have 60 days, per IRS rules, to send the money to HealthEquity.

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